Jaroslav Bejvl senior (*1941) and Jaroslav Bejvl junior (*1967)

Father and son, sharing the talent in their bloodstream, are not mere terms anymore but an expressions of design themselves nowadays. Their signature style is not only the style of PRECIOSA Lighting brand, where they both took turns at the Creative Director post, but also of the society itself. Their timeless light objects can thruthfully reflect the taste and needs of the given era and thus influence considerable number of lives of their contemporaries. Connecting the seemingly unconnectable is one of their skills. No coincidence then is that connections between performance and beauty, history and innovation, courage and conservatism, skilfulness and craft techniques, pride and empathy towards people, sense for detail and monumentality, traditions and new technologies are inherent in both of them. Art theorists, business managers and even demanding clientele - all aforementioned are paying homage to them.

Even their still increasing frequency of cooperation is the anticipation of human values. They work together more often simply because they enjoy it. Which will be the case of the XII. year of IGS where they will join forces to most likely celebrate the history's riches in a refined manner. The favourite aim of their work is not limited only to history of chandeliers and light fittings which they know perfectly but widens to history as such. While Jaroslav Bejvl Sr., the legend among glassmakers and receiver of their admiration and laureate of many significant awards, showed his talent even in medal-making, besides his career as a light objects designer, Jaroslav Jr. stays loyal to crystal and incessantly oscillates on the edge of tradition and innovation. Lately, he's been focusing on restoration and innovation of the light fitting styles and on breathing new life into them. He's known predominantly as a Czech designer who sets the trends in Middle East, where he made it onto the TOP50 world designers list, twice. Besides other things, he contributed to the realization of the idea of estabilishing the Innovation Lab in Kamenický Šenov and also assisted with the making of René Roubíček' s glass sculpture EXPO2. However, what pleases him the most is a long-term cooperation with young designers and students that resulted into number of nominations and even awards within the course of last two years.   

Whatever their creative differences are, the saying stays the same: "like father, like son". Either is the purest evidence of that the terms "artist and designer", two contradictory sides of applied arts, can exist within one's skin which unavoidably suggests that we should forget this frequent "art and design" antimony already. Every accomplished creator is gifted with the blood cells of both. And that' s why the Czech glass lives! #glasslives



Photo © Archive of Jaroslav Bejvl Jr. 2015